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The Dead go Unburied

This Memorial Day, the bodies of 28 military veterans are to be laid to rest after almost of year at the L.A. County Morgue in California. As blame is passed around and whilst the Veterans Administration is grappling with one of its most significant scandals in its history, the 28 veterans are now, finally, scheduled for […]

“Get Ready for a lot more Jesus in your Life”

That was the title of an article I recently discovered from Slate magazine which both raised my interest as well as sparked a mild sense of irritation when I read the provocative headline. The catalyst for a slew of articles which have recently been published revolve around the Supreme Court case prosaically named “Town of Greece v. Galloway” […]

The Gettysburg Address 150th Anniversary

Although I was going to post an article about Soviet economics during the 1960s, I thought that considering this auspicious occasion of the 150th anniversary of Lincoln’s great Gettysburg Address, I would repost his speech below. Composed at a time when the future of the nation was indeed a bleak thought, President Lincoln inspired a […]